Ron Boyd

I was born in 1959 in San Diego, California into a very artistic family. My father, Jack Boyd, was a self taught sculptor, artist and jeweler.  At the young age of five, I began hammering and soldering metal into circles alongside my father.  I continued to apprentice and work for my father for seventeen years, learning the fine art of metal sculpting and hand-forged jewelry design until his passing in 1982.  I continued the family business until 1994 when I decided to pursue a career in the construction industry knowing that one day the jewelry would come back to me.In 2007 my position in the field of construction came to a sudden halt along with the recession in Southern California. Just months prior to this I had been contacted by a previous customer of twenty-five years requesting the bronze bangles.  I was encouraged by this to pull out my anvil and tools  and begin hammering again.  Along with the encouragement and support from my family the transition back into artistic jewelry came into full swing with my wife Lynn as my sales representative and the numerous design ideas inspired by my daughter.





Collection at Objects USA

In 2008 I had a unique opportunity to participate in the Objects USA art exhibit as seen in the photo to the left, both my father’s work and mine were displayed together.





'New Growth' Collection

In 2009 I was asked to participate in the “Little and Large” art project in San Diego.  This project was reflective of the “Calder Jewelry” show going on at a local museum here in San Diego. Local artists were asked to create jewelry and sculpture that were symbolic of one another.  My creations for this are called “New Growth” a welded steel and bronze sculpture on a walnut base and a sterling silver link necklace with an Akoya Pearl set into a sterling silver pendant as seen in the photos on the right.



'Solar' Sculpture

In 2010 my sculpture “Solar” was exhibited in the 3D division of Fine Art at the San Diego County Fair.

Today I am grateful to my father for the skills he passed on to me, the people who have been purchasing our jewelry for 50 years and to the stores that continue to represent and carry our jewelry line.   I have included many of his techniques and styles my father used into my own modern designs.  I enjoy incorporating organic, geometrical and abstract styles into all of my pieces.  I use this inspiration while designing and creating unique, one-of-a kind pieces of artistic jewelry and sculpture in my studio in Poway, California.  I have now been sculpting hand-forged jewelry for forty-seven years, and I use only the finest solid sterling silver, bronze, gold and exotic wood materials to craft my pieces.

In my spare time I enjoy boating, fishing, skeet shooting, raising quail, chickens, cockatiel and playing basketball with my daughter.

Thank you for your interest in Jack Boyd Art Studio.


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